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We are passionate about good food, ingredients whose origins we know and genuine craftsmanship. A sustainable approach to our home and raw materials is important to us. We want to inspire you too: from a “single Course” to an extensive menu! Our team is always refined and creative, our catering is varied.

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Flairhotel Erck Restaurant Rz

It’s culinary, relaxed and full of flavour. You will experience genuine hospitality just like at home with friends.

Alexander Erck’s dishes show his passion for his craft, his love of his homeland and are influenced by his career in award-winning gastronomy. He describes his cooking style as ‘creative home cooking’. The wine list is a love letter to the region, with a focus on Baden and the neighbouring Palatinate, complemented by international wine treasures.

OPENING HOURS:  Thursday – Saturday 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm

Flairhotel Erck Gaststube Rz

You’ll get a good gut feeling in our restaurant: Down-to-earth, straightforward and simply delicious!

We are still looking forward to it: we are planning to reopen our restaurant in early summer 2024.

Even when the ERCK opened almost 50 years ago, it was impossible to imagine the restaurant without its down-to-earth regional cuisine. With our “new” parlour, we are going back to our roots. Cuisine for every day, traditional and sometimes a little hearty, but by no means “old-fashioned or dusty”.

Hearty beer from the Kraichgau region and sun-kissed wines round off the dining experience. Take a seat, forget the daily grind and enjoy our home: with every bite, every sip, every moment here at the ERCK.

In the fresh air

Garden restaurant

Together with friends over delicious food and good wine, that’s how you can enjoy a warm summer evening in the open air.
A little tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can also enjoy an evening in our garden restaurant.

Here you’ll find our Erck home cooking, interpreted in a summery and creative way. In the morning, you can enjoy your gourmet breakfast in the open air.

Opening hours in fine weather as in our restaurant.

We close our garden restaurant at 9.30 pm.

To ensure that all guests feel comfortable with us, we ask that you do not bring dogs into our catering area.

Moments of pleasure with heart

Culinary philosophy

We focus on a cuisine that combines tradition and innovation by reinterpreting classic dishes with a modern twist. Regionality and seasonality take centre stage in the selection of ingredients in order to guarantee freshness and quality for every dish. Our passion for the craft and attention to detail are reflected in every bite and ensure an unforgettable flavour experience.

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