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This is who we are

Thoughts & Values

There are certainly many places where you can live well, but for us there is only one place where we really feel comfortable and at home: in Kraichgau, in our community, in our family business.

If you grow up in a family of hoteliers and restaurateurs and live and love your profession with passion, it is not only an obligation but also an honour to carry on a family tradition. Gudrun and Thomas Erck, together with their son Alexander Erck, are the second and third generations of the family to run the hotel and catering business with passion, dedication and commitment.

The business was founded and built in 1976 by Walter Erck and his wife Brigitta as a continuation of the family’s long catering tradition.

Heidelberg Spring Festival in the 1960s

“We love our profession & our home – we belong here.
It is always exciting for us & also a matter close to our hearts to lead a traditional company into the future.

We look forward to being a place for our guests to feel at home & arrive.

A place with personality, where you feel at home, where the region becomes tangible & enjoyable.

For me, it is also a matter of professional honour to uphold the flag for small and medium-sized hotels and restaurants like ours and to preserve regional hospitality as a cultural asset.”

Alexander Erck

Modern Hotel industry

Sustainable & Innovative

Since December 2019, we are proud to have been awarded the GreenSign label by the Institute for Sustainability in the Hotel Industry InfraCert. Sustainable and future-orientated corporate development is particularly important to us.

Our aim is to set new standards – today more than ever. The combination of tourism, business and sustainability as well as the preservation of traditions as part of our culture are of great importance to us. Our aim is to cultivate our craft in a balanced relationship between social, ecological and entrepreneurial aspects and to orientate it for the future.

Our Home is our inspiration and our home. As part of this community, we are firmly rooted and want to help ensure that future generations will also find a liveable and sustainable environment here.

What we do & are particularly good at


In the region for the region: family-run, sustainable, innovative

We live a personal, individual and open corporate culture. We are delighted when guests and employees become friends.

We are a family business – and you should feel that too: you are not coming to one hotel among many, you are coming to us at the ERCK. We value personality and the little niceties that so often fall by the wayside in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We want to know where it comes from

Regional suppliers

It goes without saying that we work closely with regional partners and suppliers to conserve resources, always guarantee the best freshness and quality, strengthen the regional economy and get to know the people behind the products. Here are a few examples of our regional ties:

Simply tastes better


One thing’s for sure: Only those who do it themselves know what’s in it! “Homemade” is not only the credo of our restaurant kitchen.

Everything we make ourselves – some of it is also available to take home:

In the region

For the region

For us, entrepreneurship also means giving something back to the community. We are therefore actively involved in various local, regional and national associations and projects:

Young talent is what we need


We have been training young people in various professions in the hotel and catering industry since 1985. As a training company, we see it as our task not only to impart knowledge, but also to pass on personality and openness to our trainees. We live hospitality and lay the foundation for a successful career in the hotel and catering industry.

Alexander Erck is also an honorary member of the examination board of the Karlsruhe Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Thinking ahead today – our visions, goals, and plans

It is more important than ever to set new standards by combining tourism, business and ecology in a sustainable way and creating a forward-looking and economically stable corporate culture.

We value what is good and are open to new things: traditions are part of our cultural identity. These values and traditions must be integrated into our future development.

The preservation of our craftsmanship, the appreciation of food, products and techniques as well as the preservation of the gastronomic culture as a social meeting place and space have a high priority in our corporate vision.

Our Homeland is our Home. We feel deeply connected to this region and want future generations to find a home here and a diverse, vibrant and competitive environment.