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Regional is the best

Our suppliers

Cooperation with the region is a fundamental part of our philosophy at the Flair Hotel Erck. Our focus on local partners and suppliers protects the environment while guaranteeing freshness and quality.

We focus on reliability and freshness in order to offer our guests an unrivalled culinary experience. Discover our partners and products now.

Limousinhof Kästel
Our local farmer from whom we get our beef.

Metzgerei Peter Sommer
Peter is a hunting enthusiast & produces game sausages for us from our own venison.
Metzgerei Lanzendorf
Jörg Lanzendorf is our local butcher. We get our breakfast sausage from him.
Käse Schneidewind-Gueth
Our delicatessen around the corner, which supplies us with fine cheese from
Free-range eggs from the Kraichgau region

Alb Quinoa
Superfood from the "Ländle".

Bäckerei Holzer
Our local baker brings fresh rolls every day.

Traditions­bäckerei Scherk
Traditional sourdough bread with Kraichgau grain.
Kraichgau Guide
Kraichgau trout from the Ernst family.

Annerose Ziegler
At goose time we have free-range geese from the Kraichgau region
Slow Meat
Lamb, beef & Iberico pork from Extremadura.
Dreyer Weine
A friend who supplies us with delicatessen & exclusive foods
Stettfelder Mühle
Grain from the region from the mill shop in the neighbouring village.

Adam Theis
We also have vegetables from the Rhine plain and the neighbouring Palatinate.
Gemüsebau Kammerer
The best asparagus for us!